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Having Problems viewing Live Chanting?

If you are having trouble viewing the Chanting Channel on a desktop browser, click here for an alternate version of the page.

Note that iPad and iPhone devices cannot play Flash files, but you can get a browser for these devices that does. We recommend the Photon Browser available from iTunes

Otherwise, please check by using a different browser than you normally use (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, etc.)

To help avoid possible challenges with your video streaming, let’s first check to see if you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player on your computer.

  • To get this information, please run a quick diagnostic; once clicking this link, the info will be displayed:
    • Step 1: Is Adobe Flash Player running on the computer? (if yes, a little red ball will dance across the display screen)
    • Step 2: What version of Adobe Flash Player is running? (scroll down a bit, to get this info)
    • Step 3/4: You may need to download Adobe Flash Player if you already do not have it installed for your operating system:
      (scroll further down): http://www.adobe.com/go/getflashplayer
  • Test your video(s) if you were able to download and install an updated version of Adobe Flash Player. If you cannot yet stream, please try a different browser (e.g., Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, etc) This will help identify if the problem is with the first browser.
  • If you cannot yet connect, please additionally provide Customer Service with this information:
    • Type of browsers you tested (Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera, etc. shown in Adobe Step 2) and the Versions.
    • Type of computer: PC or Mac
    • Type of Internet connection: wired or wireless (and is anyone else on the WiFi)
    • If you know how to find it, the amount of RAM installed on the computer

Please run the check for the updated Adobe Flash Player, and if not successful, try a different browser as mentioned above. If still unsuccessful, please provide the information requested, and we will submit to our technical team for further research/suggestions. Please review the minimum specifications listed below.

The minimum specifications for playing the video(s) are:

  • High-speed internet (no dial-up)
  • Viewable with Windows PC and Mac/Apple computers
  • Compatible with browsers with current updates: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari
  • Operating System Requirements: Microsoft Windows XP or higher including the latest updates, or Mac OS X
  • Current version of Adobe Flash Player.

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