Tao I – The Way of All Life: Sacred text teachings (75 sacred phrases) by Master David Lusch. Includes 11 videos — Tao Jing Teaching, Part 7 - Lines 43 - 51

In this video, Master David teaches Line 43-51 of the sacred Tao text, Tao I - The Way of All Life. Teaching includes explanation of the sacred phrases, powerful chanting, healing, blessings and transformation of all aspects of life

43. Tao Ling Gong
Tao Soul Temple

44. Xin Xi Xue Shan
Message Center, Snow Mountain

45. Ling Yu Yan
Soul Language

46. Ling Xin Tong
Soul Communication

47. Ling Ge Wu
Soul Song, Soul Dance

48. Ling Qiao Da
Soul Tapping

49. Ling Cao Yao
Soul Herbs

50. Ling Zhen Jiu
Soul Acupuncture

51. Ling An Mo
Soul Massage