Tao I – The Way of All Life: Sacred text teachings (75 sacred phrases) by Master David Lusch. Includes 11 videos — Tao Jing Teaching, Part 8 - Lines 52 - 61

In this video, Master David teaches Lines 52-61 of the sacred Tao text, Tao I - The Way of All Life. Teaching includes explanation of the sacred phrases, powerful chanting, healing, blessings and transformation of all aspects of life

52. Ling Zhi Liao
Soul Healing

53. Ling Yu Fang
Soul Prevention of Illness

54. Ling Zhuan Hua
Soul Transformation

55. Ling Yuan Man
Soul Enlightenment

56. Ling Zhi Hui
Soul Intelligence

57. Ling Qian Neng
Soul Potential

58. Huan Ling Nao Shen
Soul Mind Body Transplant

59. Fu Wu San Jie
Serve Heaven, Earth, and Human Being

60. Ling Guang Pu Zhao
Shining Soul Light

61. Wan Wu Geng Xin
Everything is renewed