Divine Soul Song Series: Heal and Rejuvenate Your Heart with Master Sha (6 Part Series) — Divine Soul Song Series: Heal and Rejuvenate Your Heart with Dr and Master Sha, Part 1 of 6

Part 1 of 6: In this video series you will learn to heal and rejuvenate your heart. You are introduced to Master Sha's mission to transform the consciousness of humanity and all souls, and to enlighten humanity, Mother Earth, and all universes and spread love, peace, and harmony. Master Sha shares the Three Empowerments he teaches. Learn to use the Four Power Techniques to remove soul mind body blockages to heal your heart issues. Master Sha shares how the heart and the emotional body are connected and gives a key practice to self-clear karma.

Dr and Master Sha offers Soul healing blessing to heal and rejuvenate your heart conditions, including Cardiovascular system, coronary artery disease ,narrowing of the arteries, Heart attack, Abnormal heart rhythms, arrhythmias, Heart failure, Heart valve disease, Congenital heart disease, Heart muscle disease, Cardiomyopathy, Pericardial disease, Coronary Artery Disease, strike, high blood pressure, hypertension, low blood pressure, poor circulation, Congenital Defect, Peripheral Artery Disease, Vascular disease, abnormal heart rhythms, heart valve disease,  aorta disease, Marfan syndrome, irregular or abnormal heartbeat, heart failure, angina, Atrial Fibrillation, angina.  Listen often, the more you listen the faster the results.

To learn more about Dr and Master Sha visit his website  . If you wish to become a healer you can begin your understanding  here.  If you wish personal healing with one of Master Sha's certified World Wide Representatives or certified healers you may find them here.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve your soul and its journey.