Divine Soul Song Series: Heal Fear with Master Sha (6 Part Series) — Divine Soul Song Series: Heal Fear with Dr Master Sha, Part 4 of 6

Part 4 of 6 part series: Watch as a guest shares how she has suffered from hearing issues since she was a child, and still experiences deep fear. After sharing how fear is related to the kidneys, in traditional Chinese medicine, Master Sha offers a Divine Soul Operation for healing her kidneys and ears.

Do you ask one of these questions?  Why am I afraid of… How can I overcome my fear of …heights, water, flying, people, bugs, spiders, dying, speaking, public, snakes, dogs, small rooms, small spaces, germs, cancer death, crowds, being touched, needles, being abandoned, blood, commitment, of change, darkness, men, love, women, bees, fire, doctors, animals, ghost, chocking, swimming, ocean, buried alive, ants. Dr and Master Sha offers The spiritual reason cause and blessing for a spiritual solution.  You are very blessed to have found this. Listen often and experience relief .

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