Self Healing for Liver with Master Sha — Self Healing for Liver with Master Sha

In video 17 in this 90 part series, Master Sha teaches about the Five Elements from Traditional Chinese Medicine, including how organs and systems are connected to certain emotions and health related challenges. The liver is part of the Wood Element and houses the emotion of anger. Master Sha teaches viewers to apply the Four Power Techniques to clear the blockages in the liver in order to heal the liver and remove anger. Viewers can chant with Master Sha to heal the liver. Master Sha teaches viewers to "Say Hello" to their organs and sings a blessing to heal their livers. All participants receive Divine Liver Soul Mind Body Transplants. Master Sha tells viewers about how a man named Walter was healed of liver cancer by receiving this type of transmission and chanting. Viewers receive another remote healing from Master Sha for their livers and witness a healing for a local participant's back pain. The result is that the man has 80% improvement in back pain and stiffness.