Self Healing for Heart with Master Sha — Self Healing for Heart with Master Sha

In video 18 of this 90 part series, viewers learn how to apply the Four Power Techniques to heal and rejuvenate the heart. Follow Master Sha as he leads viewers through simple steps for healing. Viewers learn how Divine Soul Songs work. They carry Divine frequency and vibration that transforms the frequency and vibration of what is being healed, such as the heart and circulation system. Listen to a Divine Soul Song and sing with Master Sha. Master Sha shares the story of a doctor who applied a Divine Soul Song to help heal her father who had suffered from a stroke. Master Sha offers Tao Love Soul Mind Body Transplants to all viewers and leads them to chant with the treasures. Master Sha offers a gentle and beautiful healing for everyone's heart and reminds everyone to give love to their hearts and chant often. Witness a soul healing that instantly reduces the size of a breast tumor.