Self Healing for Kidneys with Master Sha — Self Healing for Kidneys with Master Sha

In video 21 of this 90 part series, viewers learn how to heal themselves and more specifically, their kidneys, by applying the Four Power Techniques. These simple steps can be implemented to heal and rejuvenate kidneys, as well as to prevent illness or weakness in the kidneys. Viewers chant with Master Sha to clear blockages in the kidneys and Master Sha offers (transmits) Tao Forgiveness Soul Mind Body Transplants to all viewers. Follow along with Master Sha as he leads viewers in an invocation to apply the treasures to heal the kidneys. Chant a special mantra with Master Sha and receive two Tao Song blessings from Master Sha for their kidneys. Before closing the video, viewers can watch a woman with shoulder pain receive soul healing from Master Sha. She is amazed because her pain is gone after the healing.