Self Healing for Fear with Master Sha — Self Healing for Fear with Master Sha

In video 26 of this 90 part series, Master Sha focuses on teaching viewers how to heal fear, which is associated with the kidneys. In his teaching he shares wisdom about soul mind body blockages and karma. Viewers learn to heal the kidneys and remove fear by applying the Four Power Techniques. Master Sha leads them to chant with the Four Power Techniques and offers all viewers Divine permanent treasures, which deliver a huge light ball to viewers' kidneys. Follow along with Master Sha as he leads viewers through the invocation to chant and heal the kidneys. Master Sha offers further healing with a remote Divine Soul Operation. Viewers with healthy kidneys receive rejuvenation. A local participant explains about her knee injuries involving multiple surgeries and gives Master Sha credit for her miracle healing. Receive an additional Divine Soul Operation for the esophagus.