Self Healing for Ears with Master Sha — Self Healing for Ears with Master Sha

In part 31 of this 90 part series, Master Sha focuses on healing for the ears. Viewers receive a teaching from Master Sha about soul mind body blockages and karma. Master Sha shares ancient wisdom and soul secrets for healing and teaches viewers a mantra to heal the ears. Viewers chant with Master Sha to heal their ears. Master Sha offers a healing blessing as he chants the Tao Song Mantra for healing the Water Element, including the ears. Viewers are led to learn and chant the mantra. Master Sha offers viewers Divine Harmony Soul Mind Body Transplants and a Divine Soul Operation to accelerate healing the ears. Then Master Sha offers acupuncture to heal a man's hearing loss and demonstrates remarkable healing results. The man can hear after the healing from Master Sha.

If you have asked: Why cant I hear anymore, why am I losing my hearing, why are my ears ringing, Is there an alternative to hearing aids, how can I improve my hearing, then these blessings can help you. Listen often the more you listen the faster the results