Self Healing for Insomnia with Master Sha — Self Healing for Insomnia with Master Sha

In part 79 of this 90 part series, Master Sha teaches viewers how to heal and transform insomnia and gives blessings to do the same. Viewers learn how insomnia is often associated with imbalances in the heart and kidney energies. Learn a special practice to balance these out. Follow along with Master Sha as he teaches viewers how to apply the Four Power Techniques for insomnia. Learn to "Say Hello" to the organs involved and chant for healing. Chant a sacred mantra to balance the energies. Master Sha offers special permanent Divine treasures to all participants for healing insomnia. Viewers chant with Master Sha and he reminds them to chant silently when lying down during practice. Master Sha delivers a second healing blessing for insomnia. Viewers can listen to a touching story of a woman who recognizes the special qualities of the people who have studied with Master Sha.