Sound Of Heart And Soul – Song 2 - Increase Your Positive Energy Field and Vibration — The Sound Of Heart And Soul™ – Song 2 - Increase Your Positive Energy Field and Vibration

How can you Increase Your Positive Energy Field? All that we experience in life is directly related to our frequency and vibration. According to leading research, human emotions vibrate in the same manner as does matter. In fact, everything carries a frequency and vibration. Lower vibrations (below 200 on a calibrated scale) are experienced as negative and higher vibrations (above 200) are experienced as positive. According this calibration, love vibrates at 500, whereas peace is at 600 and enlightenment begins at 700. In short, the higher our vibrations are, the more joyful, abundant and successful we can be in our lives.

This video blessing and practice includes a Soul Song and Sacred Calligraphy infused with Source energy that vibrates at a very high frequency, which can increase your positive energy and clear blockages that may be preventing you from climbing the vibrational ladder. Listen often to move forward in your life with more love, joy, prosperity and success!

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