Guan Yin and A Mi Tuo Fo Lineage Concert — Guan Yin Concert, Part 2

In Part 2 of this beautiful concert, Master Sha welcomes special guest, Yungchen Lhamo, a world renowned acapella singer born in Tibet. You will enjoy the following: Master Sha and Yungchen Lhamo in a powerful duet of free style Soul Song, Master Maya's deeply loving Song of Compassion, Masters Henderson Ong, Mirva Inkeri and Shunya Barton's delightful dance of Love, Peace and Harmony, Yungchen Lhamo's astounding Soul Song, Master Chiang's moving musical composition, Master Sha and Yungchen Lhamo's duet honoring the Medicine Buddha, and Master Cynthia's Song of Love from the Divine. In closing, all performers gather to chant the powerful mantra, Namo A Mi Tuo Fo. This concert takes place in a field of Source Light and all singers, dancers and musicians deliver sound and movement that carries Heaven's profound frequency and vibration. As you enjoy the concert, you can enter a profound state of meditation and ask for blessings for any aspect of life in this powerful Source field.