Tao Calligraphy Concert — Tao Calligraphy Concert, Part 1

In Part 1 of this very special concert, we receive a deep teaching from Master Sha about the Shen Qi Jing (soul, heart, mind and body) nature of all things, and how Tao Calligraphy, or Oneness writing provides a field in which we can be blessed and attuned for Shen Qi Jing alignment, which is the basis for our success. As Tao Calligraphies are written for Greatest Love, Greatest Forgiveness, Greatest Compassion and Greatest Light, we are blessed with joyous, original Tao Music, Song and Dance. Each aspect of the performances – the Tao Calligraphy writing, music, song and dance, emit the very high frequencies of the Tao Qualities to bless us and help us stay in good health, happiness, flourishing and more.