Tao Calligraphy Chinese Character Break Down for 45 Sacred Calligraphies — 17. Fan Lao Huan Tong

In this video Master Sha teaches us how to write the sacred phrase FAN LAO HUAN TONG (Return Old Age to the Health and Purity of the Baby State) in Mandarin Chinese and also in Yi Bi Zi Style.

People have practiced meditation, followed diets, and done physical, mental, energy, and spiritual exercises to become younger. This is a unique way to practice rejuvenation. People get old because their shen qi jing are not aligned as one. Chant shen qi jing he yi and fan lao huan tong together to stay aligned and rejuvenated.

Follow along with Master Sha to learn the structure and components of each traditional Chinese character and how to translate and connect them when writing the same word in Yi Bi Zi (one-stroke) writing.