Tao Calligraphy Chinese Character Break Down for 45 Sacred Calligraphies — 27. Ming Xin Jian Xing

In this video Master Sha teaches us how to write the sacred phrase MING XIN JIAN XING (Enlighten the Heart to See Your Yuan Shen) in Mandarin Chinese and also in Yi Bi Zi Style.

Yuan Shen is your true self. It stays in the Ming Men Area, in the lower back between the kidneys. Most cannot see their Yuan Shen. Their Shi Shen, the soul that reincarnates from lifetime to lifetime, cannot recognize Yuan Shen until the heart is enlightened. After lifetimes of serious purification, Shi Shen could finally recognize Yuan Shen and reach enlightenment.

Follow along with Master Sha to learn the structure and components of each traditional Chinese character and how to translate and connect them when writing the same word in Yi Bi Zi (one-stroke) writing.