Tao Calligraphy Chinese Character Break Down for 45 Sacred Calligraphies — 28. Ling Xin Nao Shen Yuan Man

In this video Master Sha teaches us how to write the sacred phrase LING XIN NAO SHEN YUAN MAN (Soul Heart Mind Body Enlightenment) in Mandarin Chinese and also in Yi Bi Zi Style.

Soul enlightenment is to uplift one’s soul to the saint’s level in Heaven. To reach mind enlightenment is to uplift one’s consciousness to the consciousness of a saint. To reach body enlightenment is to transform the physical body to the purest light body. To attain the purest light body is to reach immortality.

Follow along with Master Sha to learn the structure and components of each traditional Chinese character and how to translate and connect them when writing the same word in Yi Bi Zi (one-stroke) writing.