Soul Healing for Worry with Master Sha — Soul Healing for Worry with Master Sha

Receive healing as Master Sha offers all viewers a Divine Soul Operation to remove soul mind body blockages for the spleen. Learn the 5000 year old wisdom connecting the spleen and worry. All viewers receive Tao permanent treasures of Tao Forgiveness Soul Mind Body Transplants and Tao Soul Herbs for healing the mouth and lips. Learn to invoke these treasures for healing. Chant healing mantras with Master Sha. Receive a Soul Song Blessing and a healing from Master Sha for worry.

Worry is a form of thinking that can be stressful if taken to extremes. Key features of worry are that it is repetitive and non-productive. When we are worrying, we are thinking about something over and over again but do not resolve the situation or arrive at a solution to the problem Worry creates stress and anxiety and fear, repetitive thinking, it can create upset stomach, headaches, muscle tension, high blood pressure, hypertension, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, GAD, irritability, twitching and other health problems. Dr and Master Sha offers the spiritual reason cause and blessing for a spiritual solution.  You are very blessed to have found this. Listen often and experience relief.

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