Tao Healing for Your Lungs — Tao Healing for Your Lungs – Part 4 – Receive Permanent Treasures

Learn how a Tao Organ Transplant can bring new life to your lungs.

Based on quantum science, the soul of your lungs contains information and messages. When you have a lung condition, it’s not just caused by physical reasons. The soul of your lungs may be carrying old thought patterns, wounded feelings and other limiting messages that block your experience of well-being.

A Tao Organ Transplant gives your lungs a new soul message for joyful living, laying the foundation for health and stamina to flow naturally in your daily life.

According to Tao teachings, every system and organ in the body is made of jing qi shen, which means your lungs contain:

Jing: Matter
Qi: Energy
Shen: Soul, heart and mind

In Western medicine, patients go through surgery to receive organ transplants. Tao Organ Transplants are done on a spiritual level by replacing the jing qi shen in your lungs. Master Sha teaches that when you heal the soul first, the healing of the mind and body will follow.

People who have received a Tao Organ Transplant have reported feeling more calm and relaxed, less anxiety, deeper meditation and better sleep.

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Dr and Master Sha offers blessings that could heal or prevent conditions of the lungs including: Asthma, COPD, chronic, congestion, metal element, breathing problems ,Atelectasis,Bronchitis, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Emphysema, Lung cancer, Pneumonia, Pulmonary edema, lung cancer, congestion, restricted breathing, allergy, blood in the lungs, blood clot, enlarged lymph nodes, fluid in lungs, fibrosis, granuloma, inflammation, lesions, liquid, mold, mrsa, nodules on the lungs, phlegm, smokers lungs, surfactant lungs, sarcoidosis lungs, underdeveloped lungs, yeast, yellow mucus, and other respiratory disorders. Listen  often the more you practice the faster the results

To learn more about Dr and Master Sha visit his website  . If you wish to become a healer you can begin your understanding  here.  If you wish personal healing with one of Master Sha's certified World Wide Representatives or certified healers you may find them here.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve your soul and its journey