Soul Healing for Hands with Master Sha — Soul Healing for Hands with Master Sha

Receive Soul Healing for Hands with a Divine Soul Operation from Master Sha to remove soul mind body blockages from the hands. Master Sha transmits to every viewer a Divine treasure for hands and leads viewers to practice self healing for their hands. Receive Divine Forgiveness Soul Mind Body Transplants which can also be applied to heal the hands. Learn to heal yourself as Master Sha teaches viewers to invoke the Divine treasures to clear blockages to healthy hands. Chant mantras and learn Soul Tapping with Master Sha to self heal. Receive a Tao Song Blessing from Master Sha to heal and rejuvenate your hands.

Soul Healing for Hands can offer blessings for the following conditions, arthritis, broken, bruised, wrist, carpal tunnel, rash, surgery, operation, recovery, numb, numbness, tendon pain, muscle pain, De Quervain's disease, repetitive motion syndrome, writers cramp, trigger finger , trigger thumb, flexor, tingling, Dupuytrens disease, ganglion cyst, stiff, tired, sore, tendonitis osteoarthritis, fractures, splint, dislocated fingers, injury, infections, itchy, musicians Dystonias, ulnar drift, hand pain, radial nerve dysfunction, spasms, claw hand, and more. Listen often, the more you listen the faster the results

To learn more about Dr and Master Sha visit his website  . If you wish to become a healer you can begin your understanding  here.  If you wish personal healing with one of Master Sha's certified World Wide Representatives or certified healers you may find them here.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve your soul and its journey